Five problems that some betting companies have to overcome

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

The recent gambling regulations in many countries allowed online betting platforms to shine. Although they are not always regulated, most places don’t have any laws that ban them. Consequently, people in some parts of the world can access them freely and take advantage of the things they offer.

Despite the innovations regarding online betting, most bookmakers have many problems that are yet to be resolved. Even the biggest names in the business are “plagued” by some issues, so let’s check them out.

1. Some iGaming companies can’t get a permit from the local gambling authorities, which forces them to register in an offshore zone

One of the things that you will notice once you start betting is that most online casinos and bookmakers are registered in an offshore zone. Even though Efirbet’s review about Bulgarian betting companies like Winbet shows people that it is a legit betting platform with a valid permit from the local authorities, most brands don’t fall into this category. Since they can’t meet the governments’ conditions, they prefer to register in a different country. Lucky for them, there are several popular offshore zones that are notorious for providing gambling licenses. 

While it is true that most brands can work in several countries using an offshore permit, not everyone is willing to play on such a platform. Experienced people want to find a brand regulated by their own country, which will allow them to contact the specific regulator for help in case of an emergency.

2. Some bookies have to start accepting cryptocurrencies even if they don’t want to

Although there are no deposit bonuses, people usually have to make a deposit to play. The deposits are the thing that brings online bookies and casinos revenue. That’s why they usually pay attention to the payment section and want to ensure that people can make fast transactions. This explains why most iGaming operators offer instant deposits and fast withdrawals. 

Although there are some exceptions, the majority of betting sites provide e-wallets and debit credit cards. People who read Efirbet’s review of Bulgarian betting companies, such as Winbet, will see that they offer popular digital wallets, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and even vouchers. While it is true these options are helpful, most modern online punters also want to use cryptocurrencies. The most obvious ones are Bitcoin and Ethereum, but some iGamblers use all sorts of other alternatives.

The bad news is that only a handful of the available operators offer digital currencies as payment options. In other words, they will have to update their betting sections if they want to attract cryptocurrency online punters.

3. Modern online bookmakers and casinos need social media presence

Let’s face it, most people around the world use popular social media platforms. The one that stands out is Facebook, but many online bettors also use Instagram, Twitter, VK, and much more. Since billions have access to social media, these platforms have become popular destinations for advertisers who want to reach out to potential new customers. Needless to say, some online betting websites also want a piece of the pie, which is why they have a more substantial presence on these platforms.

Unfortunately, building a successful relationship with your customers on social media is not easy. Besides the fact that companies have to be innovative, gambling websites have additional problems because not every platform allows them to advertise their services. 

4. Some iGaming sites have to create a top-notch affiliate program

Whether a bookie has many years of experience or it is new to the business, there is a good chance it has an affiliate program. This thing allows people to get paid for advertising the specific brand. Each affiliate program is different, but most will reward you for every new client that signs up and deposits. Even the Bulgarian bookmaker Winbet offers this program, which helps it stay relevant in the industry. 

Having an affiliate program might seem easy, but it isn’t. The iGaming operators with the best aff programs have affiliate managers, additional developers, and more. All those things cost extra money.

5. They always need to be innovative

The last thing that we’d like to point out about online betting companies is that they need to be innovative. Since there are many iGaming companies, they have to try and improve their products if they want to be competitive. Those who stop innovating usually lose a lot of their players because people always look for something better.

This article was written in cooperation with David Antherson