Chaz Rodney Hatch stresses on the importance of building a strong professional network

  (photo credit: Chaz Rodney Hatch)
(photo credit: Chaz Rodney Hatch)

Professional networking helps you build a reputation among peers, building relationships that hold you in good stead as you climb your way up the entrepreneurial ladder. A solid professional network helps your business leverage the right advantages at the right time, easing the path to success on several fronts. 

Connections do matter, and when you are the owner of multiple automobile dealerships like Chaz Rodney Hatch, you know firsthand how professional networking has played a significant role in your success. Here, Chaz shares with us the importance of building a strong professional network. 

Gain Knowledge, Ideas, Advice, and Support

A solid professional network gives you ready access to the experience that other players in your field have garnered in all their years in the business. This experience proves to be invaluable when dealing with issues in a business environment and especially comes in handy when dealing with unforeseen crises that require extraordinary foresight. 

Even newcomers in an industry bring with them pathbreaking ideas with the potential to change the game. These fresh insights can help business leaders refresh their own outlook and give a new direction to their ideas. After all, a change in order is inevitable when new players in the market are doing things in new and efficient ways. 

A robust professional network allows you to share this knowledge and these ideas that others have and ask for advice and support when required. “When I build a rapport with my peers, I learn on several fronts. It keeps me ahead of the competition and also helps me contribute to industry growth,” says Chaz. 

Professional Partnerships Help Expand Your Brand Footprint

When you enter into a formal or informal partnership with other businesses or individuals in your professional network, you give your brand more leverage. As an automobile dealer, Chaz Rodney Hatch knows well how valuable personal recommendations can be for business. 

A healthy business environment strives for overall growth and stability for every player. Professional partnerships help leaders leverage this advantage for their own business and also pass on the advantage to others in the community. After all, mutual growth results in prosperity for everyone. 

“I have often had customers walk in and say how Mr. ABC or Mrs. XYZ from this business across town said I was the best dealer in town,” says Chaz. “Professional networking gets me a lot of business, and whenever possible, I return the favor to businesses and individuals on my list too. The business I get is an immediate return, while the goodwill I earn helps me in the long-term too.” 

Earning Goodwill on Any Front is Good for Business

“Giving back to the markets I do business in has always been a priority for my brand,” says Chaz. “When I donate cars to graduating seniors, the local police department, and even the driver’s education program in town, I know I’m doing my bit for society and earning goodwill for my business too. It earns me respect, even from my peers and competition, and it earns me business too. And I know this is the right way to do things!”

It is passing on goodwill and gaining it in return that helps make the business environment a healthy one. And the entire community stands to benefit from this positive way of doing things. It encourages younger generations to follow the path set by the elderly in the community and maintains a cordial bond even between generations. This helps the people of a community and its businesses thrive together. 

And you cannot put a price tag on goodwill. With goodwill on your side, you know your business will enjoy a brand presence like no other. Now, you have your entire professional network rooting for you. 

A Healthy Network is Vital When Driving a Business Towards Growth

“When you spend your time and resources building strong connections with several businesses and professionals, your personal or company brand notches a reputation that helps you rise above the competition,” says Chaz Rodney Hatch. “It doesn’t matter what business you are in. A strong professional network will always benefit you and help your business grow.”

A brand entering a new market can engage in community development or hire local talent to build a bond with the community. An existing business can use its managers and senior employees to create a mentorship program for the student community. And a growing business can ensure that it steps up its community development donations to match its gain in profits. 

With these insights on how a strong professional network benefits his business, Chaz makes a solid case in favor of spending some of your time and business acumen building a similar network for your business and brand too. 

“These benefits of a strong professional network can be applied to every business environment. You only have to find the right ways to do it so that every resource you spend and share makes the maximum impact,” concludes Chaz. 

 This article was written in cooperation with DN News Desk