Björn Seiz and O5O: Everything you need to know

With every successful business, there is a person standing behind this success.

 (photo credit: BJÖRN SEIZ)
(photo credit: BJÖRN SEIZ)
In the case of O5O, a personal brand established to help other entrepreneurs reach their goals and found their own companies, it is Björn Seiz. Now what do you need to know about Björn Seiz and his background?

The story of Björn Seiz

Let’s start at the beginning and see where he started. Björn was born to average european standards. He had no rich parents, but he wasn’t poor either. Fairly average. 

What wasn’t average, was his strong desire to become a successful businessman later in life. That’s why he started early on to look around in his surroundings and search for opportunities to make money and make business
At first, he started importing clothes and reselling them online. In the meantime, he started an apprenticeship as a banker. After completing the training, he got on to create his first company. While not too much is known about his business, what is known is that it failed and the company ended up with a half a million dollar in debt.
After that, he got up again to familiarize himself with cryptocurrency, where he succeeded big time. His company ended up with a top market capitalization of $4.3 billion, that’s very impressive given that he achieved this in just a 18-month period. 

About O5O 

As you can clearly see from his story, Björn is one of a kind. He is a person that, despite all the troubles and the difficulties, managed to make successful business. 

Every other person would give up after failing hard, not so Björn. 
He redeemed himself to prove himself that he is a businessman for sure.
And that’s also part of the reason why he created O5O, his personal brand. 
This company is mainly about personal development, where he wants to show other entrepreneurs how they can succeed and how they can improve their mindset to deal better with business inquiries.
The message behind O5O
Succeeding in business can be very hard. Björn Seiz is a great example for that. However, he is also a great example to prove that with consistent hard work and the right mindset, it is possible to achieve anything, even creating a multi-million dollar brand at an early age. 

With O5O, he tries to convey this mindset to other entrepreneurs. And that’s why O5O is especially interesting to look at? What tricks does he have up his sleeve? And how does he manage to be such a successful businessman?