Come on, Clalit is the best HMO in Israel

Clalit (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
More than 4.5 million customers benefit from innovative digital services, online doctors, the TYTO device, which was named Product of the Year, professional medical teams and specialists, in-house clinics, hundreds of pharmacies and a huge range of complementary services at affordable prices. Are you still not a Clalit member? Here are all the reasons that will make you become one today.
At Clalit, you can talk to a pediatrician online even in the middle of the night.
Clalit's with you, anywhere and anytime
Clalit is the leading HMO in Israel. A health organization that provides service to more than 4.5 million customers, the most widely deployed nationwide among the HMOs. Clalit owns 14 hospitals, about 1,500 clinics, more than 40 child health centers and a similar number of women's health centers, sports clinics, travel clinics, youth clinics, complementary medicine clinics, hundreds of institutes, laboratories, pharmacies, Clalit Smile dental clinics and Clalit Aesthetics clinics, which are available to the HMO's customers. In this way, Clalit customers can receive the variety of medical services they need easily and conveniently.
Clalit's online services
In a digital world like ours, you should be in Clalit and enjoy the most advanced digital health services in the world. Clalit offers you a variety of advanced services on its site and app to perform operations conveniently and efficiently - scheduling appointments, consulting with specialists, submitting requests to the clinic, receiving laboratory test and imaging results, hospitalization summaries, printing Form 17s and sick certificates, tracking payments and viewing personal medical recommendations, scheduling home laboratory tests, checking the supply of medicines in pharmacies and a pregnancy file containing referrals, pregnancy data, test results, diagnoses, ultrasound decoding, medicines and more.
And that's not all - Clalit has launched the TYTO service: for the first time in Israel, a compact and revolutionary device with sensors and tiny cameras with the help of which tests can be performed on various systems in the body (ears, throat, pulse, heart, lungs, fever, abdomen and skin). The images and sound files from the device are transmitted directly to the doctor online and allow him to diagnose and recommend the best possible treatment. The results of the clinical study showed that a test using TYTO is very similar to a physical test by a TYTO doctor. Clalit won the 2019 Product of the Year award. 
Exclusive to Clalit clients - online doctor service
Online Doctor Service: An online family doctor is available every day from 16:00 to 24:00, also on weekends and holidays; Online pediatrician: Sunday-Thursday from 16:00 to 6:00 in the morning, and on Fridays and holiday eves from 13:00 to 6:00 on Sunday or the morning after the holiday.
Online Dermatologist Service: A specialist dermatologist is available for video calling on weekdays from 20:00 to 24:00, for the treatment of rashes, sores, acne, outbreaks of skin diseases, pigmentation, skin blemishes, bites and hair loss.
TYTO - the device that allows the doctor to check you and your children online quickly.
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Clalit Medical Centers
Only at Clalit, most clinics are medical centers - under one roof you can find a wide range of medical services, with the best technology and leading experts in Israel and the world. Specialist doctors, nurses and other professional staff work together to bring fast and professional results. Our medical centers deal with various areas: gastro, X-ray, diabetes, dietitian services, pregnancy support, physiotherapy, high-availability child health services, various workshops and more. All services are provided in one place, conveniently and efficiently.
40 weeks of close follow-up during pregnancy
The best experts in the country for fertility, pregnancy and childbirth, dozens of advanced centers for women's health and pregnancy nurses who give personal guidance are available to Clalit clients prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy and after childbirth. Clalit Perfect Platinum customers who have accumulated 6 months of experience in the program enjoy an increased cash pregnancy basket to be realized according to their choice for tests and treatments related to pregnancy and childbirth.
Complementary services in the Clalit family
Clalit offers a variety of additional services that complement the ideal medical coverage: At Clalit Complementary Medicine clinics you can receive a wide range of treatments suitable for all ages, which were selected while maintaining the highest standards accepted in the world and provided by a team of leading doctors and professional therapists in Israel, under full medical supervision. Clalit Aesthetics offers a variety of surgeries in the fields of plastic surgery, aesthetics and skin.
Clalit Smile is the largest network of dental clinics in Israel and operates about 90 dental clinics throughout the country. Mor - Advanced Medicine for You focuses on diagnosis, clarification and medical treatment as well as periodic screening tests.
In addition, Clalit promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers customers a variety of workshops: nutrition and eating habits, physical activity, resuscitation, preventing and stopping smoking, dealing with stressful situations, workshops for parents and more.
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