Dor Eckstein Explains His Unique Approach to Helping People Lose Weight

You don't feel confident about working out and you don't know what diet to follow? This is where Dor Eckstein enters the scene

 (photo credit: DOR ECKSTEIN)
(photo credit: DOR ECKSTEIN)
Do you look in the mirror every morning and think, "I know I can get a much better physique." But you never seem to find the motivation to get started. Why? Because you don't feel confident about working out and you don't know what diet to follow. This is where Dor Eckstein enters the scene, and before you know it, your body undergoes a radical transformation. Dor is one of the most celebrated fitness instructors in Israel, and it's an honor to have him with us today.
Q: Thank you, Mr. Eckstein, for taking time out of your schedule and talking to us today. Can you please tell us about your childhood and how you came into the fitness industry?
A: It's my pleasure talking to you guys. Well, my family had overweight members, and I was one of them. It didn't make me feel good when I saw my friends all slim and trim. And so, I took a gym membership when I was 15. I followed my fitness instructor religiously, both in terms of exercises and diet plans. That's the time I decided I will explore this field and pursue a career in it. Slowly, I started reading about fitness and nutrition, which led me to become a fitness instructor.
Q: How do you stay connected with your clients?
A: I am always open to talk to my clients over the phone and on WhatsApp. I feel that fitness is my responsibility. Once my clients contact me, I share my phone number with them. They can call me Monday to Saturday. I usually answer my phone unless I am sleeping or in an appointment with another client. But I do get back immediately after I finish my assignments.
Q: Can you share the cost of consulting you as a fitness instructor?
A: I have two packages for my clients: one, where you can pay NIS 445 per month. This one is applicable if you commit to 6 months of my fitness program. But if you want a crash-course for one month, you can save a lot. You only need to pay NIS 1800. That's a one-time payment for a month of fitness instructions. But, you can't change from the second page to the first one. That's non-negotiable or non-adjustable. You can start from scratch after the end of one month if you want.
Q: Who are your clients usually?
A: I get tons of clients with different requirements. Many consult me on how to lose weight, while others want to build muscle mass. But some clients want to tone and build their muscles. I have different tailor-made plans for everyone. That's why I examine my client's body types and metabolic rate before proceeding. It helps me figure out which method will work on whose body.
Thanks a lot, Mr. Eckstein, for answering our questions. We wish you all the best for your work, and we hope you can help more clients achieve their fitness goals through your fitness programs