In His New Book, Albert Chavez Gives Advice to Young Men on How to Overcome Challenges

 (photo credit: ALBERT CHAVEZ)
(photo credit: ALBERT CHAVEZ)

For most adults, their early 20s is the most challenging phase of their lives. This is when they are trying to figure out what to do with their lives and facing the realities of the ups and downs along the journey to adulthood. Independence and a sense of pride is important to many of them. Young adults face challenges and obstacles as they make crucial decisions that will directly impact the next phase of their lives.

Albert Chavez Jr., a mortgage loan officer in Sacramento, California, has taken the initiative to advise young adults on overcoming challenges in his new book. Chavez advises his clients on refinancing strategies to reduce their house payments when buying new homes. Like any other young adult, Chavez wanted a job that allowed him to have those extra hours to accommodate his lifestyle while still making significant money. His early 20s were not a walk in the park. He persevered through hardships as he tried to figure out what career path to pursue. He found his place with the mortgage industry, and over the last 20 years has been doing what he loves most. He is developing a training program for young men to empower them to find and acknowledge the "Boy Within" themselves.

Through his book, Chavez addresses various challenges young people face, such as self-worth. A majority of young adults face a significant challenge in discovering themselves and living their own lives while still respecting their parents. Living independently, especially within their parents’ household, can be a bumpy road as parents sometimes expect their grown children to adhere to the same rules they were under while still in high school.

Another significant challenge for young people is finances. They are often overcome with the fear of not making enough money for themselves. Furthermore, many jobs available for young adults, especially college graduates, pay less than their needs. Such scenarios put them in into periods of financial instability, exposing them to challenging economic situations that may lead to misery.

The current generation of millennials faces a new life challenge due to the rise of social media. It has become a necessity for young adults to be involved with platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. They are using these platforms to create connections that may land them their dream jobs. On the flip side, young adults are using these same platforms to showcase flashy lifestyles that, in many cases, are not a true reflection of their real lives. This habit has resulted in self-esteem issues that are driving young adults into depression as they try to compete with their peers.

Young adults need someone to help them deal with these situations. It is becoming difficult for them to self-mediate, so they need someone to offer professional advice. Chavez is seeking to fill this gap through his book. He hopes to create a turning point in their lives by unleashing their hidden potential, which he calls the “Boy Within” themselves.