Mr. NFT: Jason Falovitch may be able to make you the next Beeple

Mr. NFT, Jason Falovitch speaking with Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield (photo credit: MR. NFT JASON FALOVITCH)
Mr. NFT, Jason Falovitch speaking with Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield
(photo credit: MR. NFT JASON FALOVITCH)

For the majority of 2021, one question has permeated across social media, zoom meetings, and in every nook and cranny of the internet universe, “What’s an NFT?” To some it’s a wonder, to others it’s a mystery, but what’s known for certain is that this blockchain-based consumer product category has produced astounding and paradigm shifting results.  

World renowned music artist, 6lau, made millions selling music via NFT. Beeple, a digital graphic artist who undertook a 5,000-day project, sold his artwork for $69 Million, and people all throughout the world are buying in and profiting on the NFT market as we speak. So, again begs the question, “What is it?”

NFT stands for non-fungible token. At its core, it’s a unique token address on the blockchain, which allows for its provenance – namely origins and ownership history – to be independently verifiable beyond question. With no ability to forge or fake, it’s no wonder this medium has so quickly taken the art world by storm. NFT’s and the associated technology go well beyond the art world, optimally positioned as a transactional currency for anything that needs verification (think tickets, medical records, ownership documents and beyond). As the NFT market continues to mature in hyper speed, new and innovative projects continue to emerge and push boundaries on what we know to be possible with NFTs, on virtually a daily basis. 

With these tangible (though non fungible!) notions asserted, who are the key influencers in such a highly innovative and rapidly changing space? Who are the movers and shakers? As is the case in most industries, the gatekeepers hold a ton of power, and while the mystique of the blockchain resides in the fact it is decentralized – make no mistake, power and influence in the NFT market is still largely centralized amongst a select few.  Mr. NFT, Jason Falovitch is a leading example of a high powered, king-making titan, in this 21st century technological revolution. 

In partnership with famed entrepreneur Mark Cuban (Star of the hit ABC series Shark Tank, among many other notable ventures), Falovitch and company own some of the largest and most highly engaged NFT-focused channels on all social media, such as @NFT and the @Leverage portfolio. Their media company, Leverage Game Media – which counts @NFT among their impressive asset list, owns and operates a network of over 30+ millennial/Gen-Z focused channels. Via these holdings, and the vast consumer access inherent to their business, Falovitch holds the keys to a lot of influence in the NFT kingdom. When people want their NFT to go big, he is often the most sought-after collaborator. The Falovitch-led company assists with marketing and helps to generate awareness via a reliable source – one that’s often the first stop for new market entrants looking to understand this phenomenon. Mr. NFT now finds himself playing a large role in setting the bar for what an NFT’s value is, and can be.

It wasn’t always pixels and tokens for NFT industry impresario, Jason Falovitch. Born in Canada, Jason chanced upon an opportunity to become a manager for boxing’s Heavyweight Champion, Evander Hollyfield (if his ’97 fight with Tyson happened today, you can be certain the famous ear-bite would very quickly become an NFT!). Negotiating and consummating deals on behalf of the 5x champion, Jason found his niche in the business world as a deal maker. He would go on to found with his partners Aaron Avruskin, UFC champ Michael Bisping and former 2x NBA all-star Roy Hibbert. PlayLine allows fans of sports to wager on the statistical performance of athletes, and awards multi-millions in prizing, based on the number of correct predictions made. 

When COVID halted pro sports, PlayLine execs Falovitch and Avruskin saw an opportunity to expand operations in accretive fashion, and caught the attention of Mark Cuban, who shared their vision - with the trio entering into the Leverage Game Media joint venture partnership. Together, the appropriately dubbed Leverage entity supplements their NFT assets with ownership of some of the largest sports pages on social media.

With this manner of Leverage firmly behind him, Falovitch maintains the upper hand in elevating virtually any NFT, to NFT stardom. When one visits @NFT on Instagram, you’re presented with the most relevant NFT news and happenings – in an easy to digest, visually appealing, and uncomplicated way. As an artist or NFT producer, if you’re lucky enough to drop your NFT release with their platform support, their staggering 250,000-plus following will swarm to grab it up, confident the companies stamp of approval is as sure-a-bet-as-any the project will produce tremendous resell value. They are the arbiters of ‘what’s hot’ meets ‘NFT 101’, so it’s no surprise Falovitch and the Leverage entity hold such sway over an industry that continues to evolve on a daily basis.

The ever growing industry’s mystery may be dispelled however could it be the game changer the art world needed?