Naor Nativ: The young entrepreneur who loves living a luxurious life

  (photo credit: Naor Nativ)
(photo credit: Naor Nativ)

Born on the 9th of October 1994 in Haifa, Israel, Naor Nativ is a successful young entrepreneur living in the United States. But age doesn’t define his success. Naor is already the owner of a home improvement franchise, and local service franchise. In fact, his current business ventures into mobile apps and tech platforms. He also owns a rising Digital Agency. Having achieved so much at a young age, many people want to know about his philosophy about life.

Naor’s philosophy

You should be able to spend on whatever you want if you earn big. That’s the philosophy Naor believes in. He feels that you are born to live once and you should make the most of that opportunity. Naor has an interest in collecting luxurious items. He considers luxury as a part of his life because of the amount of money he earns.

In a recent interview, Naor said, “Most people think twice before buying something expensive. I don’t. If I like something, I would buy it on the spot. I want people to have that sort of confidence. I want people to lead a life where their world of luxury wouldn’t know any boundaries. If you pass by a Rolex showroom and love a watch, you should be able to buy it without thinking about the future. No one knows what the future has in store for you.”

The carefree life that Naor leads is an inspiration to many. According to the young entrepreneur, your life is in your hands and you make the choices that would make your life happy or dull.

Naor as an entrepreneur

Naor learned how to run a franchise at a young age. His franchises in Local Services and Home Improvement were both running successfully and he was earning enough to lead a comfortable life. In fact, he was making enough from these franchises to meet the luxuries that he dreamed of. But he didn’t stop. He said, “Being content with what you have limits your capabilities. You should always keep chasing something in your life. For example, if you have a 2BHK apartment, you should chase for a bungalow. If you have a bungalow, you should chase for a premium villa.

Once you stop chasing things in life, your life may become mundane and uninteresting. That’s why I wanted to do more. The franchises were not the only ventures that made me happy. As a result, I started looking for long-term projects, and digital technology gave me that opportunity. Starting the digital marketing company was a strategy to achieve financial freedom and security. I wanted to earn enough so that my kids and family would lead a comfortable life.”

Naor loves traveling extensively in different parts of the world. He is always on the lookout for new business ventures. His mind is like a hungry lion. He keeps his eyes and ears open to find any opportunity that would help expand his business. With his enormous success in every business venture, it shows that Naor turns everything he touches into gold.

This article was written in cooperation with Naor Nativ