Social Media Marketing Expert Wins Praise From Celebrities for 1st Class Reputation Management Work

 (photo credit: BRAUCH OWENS)
(photo credit: BRAUCH OWENS)
Brauch Owens, also known as Brxuch, has his finger on the pulse of the social media world, knowing what works and what doesn’t inside and out. These skills are quickly making him an in-demand resource for this and next generation celebrities to turn to.

The right approach to social media is an essential element for those in the public eye. Without keeping it on point and watching out for any dangers, an artist, entertainer, or athlete is definitely not going to meet their potential. The good news is, help is out there – for those who know where to look. Enter, Atlanta’s fresh new guru in the space brxuch. Just 19-years-old, Brauch already has years of experience successfully helping A-list celebrities, along with stars on the rise, build and protect their online social media presence and online reputations. Becoming fluent in the social media world at a young age, he embodies the right combination of influencer and strategist that knows how to make things happen, leaving his clients looking better than ever, while never compromising their authenticity.

“The pandemic has pushed more importance than ever to having a strong online presence, because fans and followers are online more than ever,” commented Brauch. “This is my passion, so it has opened even more doors for me to work with some amazing people. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that there’s a real need to have a skilled and devoted digital advertising, social media, and reputation management expert on their team.”

In addition to his skills managing online messaging and other important elements that help build a star’s reputation, Brauch is also a clearly gifted entrepreneur. This has seen him cross continents working in the Middle East, North America and Europe, investing in and helping diverse businesses grow, often to remarkable degrees. So far, he has crossed the 100 affiliate companies and 1000 client milestone, with the number rising on a regular basis, even with his current focus on providing luxury high end service to top name and rising celebrities.

Even a quick glance at the news reveals plenty of examples of stars who let their reputation go south often for trivial things that could have been handled differently. This is where the value of an intelligent and intuitive social media and reputation management expert like Brauch shines. Knowing how to handle things like a bad review or two, or some negative comments is an art in itself, with the wrong response making things worse rather than helping. Brauch’s clients praise his ability to put out these rare fires before they spread, helping them continue move forward and not breaking their momentum.

There’s a very good reason Brauch is often seen with stars like A$AP ROCKY, and Future, or backstage at concerts like Drake and Migos, or Future as he enjoys the music in comfort. Real recognizes real, and when Brauch is called on, he doesn’t fail to deliver. Being surrounded by celebrities has reflected on his personal accounts as well, seen across social media under the name Brxuch. On his personal Instagram he now is reaching over 100,000 followers and rising daily.