Vidanta Cruises promises an intimate cultural adventure on a new vessel

Latin America is one of the fastest-growing tourism regions on the map, and Grupo Vidanta specializes in it.

The Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy leaves the port in Miami, Florida (photo credit: REUTERS)
The Carnival cruise ship Ecstasy leaves the port in Miami, Florida
(photo credit: REUTERS)
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, travel and tourism is the third largest export in the world, with Latin America being one of the fastest growing regions on the map. What the average travel enthusiast might be less aware of is the increasing interest in niche or special interest travel and tourism, which can be defined as tailor-made trips for specialty interest travelers. Some popular niches include custom-designed trips for foodies, disabled seniors, pet lovers, and solo female travelers. Essentially, niche tourism is a micro version of the overall shift toward authentic, ecofriendly, and/or “off the beaten track” travel adventures.
Fortunately, Grupo Vidanta isn’t an average travel enthusiast but an expert in travel and travel trends. Headquartered in the Mexican state of Nayarit, the real estate conglomerate specializes in Latin American travel in both Mexico and the Caribbean. The company’s six luxury resorts, which dominate the coastline between the Gulf of California and the Yucatán Peninsula, were designed with respect for the local culture. Always on top of the latest travel trends, the company is said to be refurbishing a small cruise vessel for local three- to fourteen-day voyages.
According to a reliable source, the 15-ton, 153-meter-long ship is large enough for luxury and small enough for intimacy. The vessel’s refurbishments include a new engine, new technical instruments, and new safety devices – a process that began with expert European shipwrights, with the majority of the work being completed in the vessel’s home port within Mexico.
Capable of accommodating up to 250 staff members, the 1.5 staff-to-guest ratio would ensure prompt, professional service at all times in an atmosphere of sophisticated comfort. A few of the luxury features are said to include 149 tastefully decorated cabins, at least 6 public decks and dining areas, a total of 11 bars and lounges, a full-service spa and fitness center, an outdoor pool, and several Jacuzzis. No word yet on what sort of entertainment the show lounge will provide, but given such spectacles as Grupo Vidanta’s JOYÀ, Santuario, the Vidanta Los Cabos Entertainment District, and the highly anticipated Parks, it’s sure to be something amazing.
Perhaps best of all, the ship will be small enough to explore secret capes and coves and other stretches of the coast that are inaccessible to larger vessels. While the specific itinerary is yet unconfirmed, the ship’s local cruising grounds could be anywhere along the two coasts of Mexico where their resorts are situated. Day trips could include on-shore excursions to a variety of exotic destinations, designed to showcase the local culture and destined to pique the interest of each individual participant.
With Latin America’s soft, sandy beaches; sparking seas; sunny, azure skies; and laidback, exotic warmth, it’s no surprise that the region is at the top of a growing number of travel bucket lists.Now, with Vidanta Cruises, sea hardy adventurers can embark on the experience of a lifetime in a safe, sophisticated ship designed to please even the most particular pleasure-seeker. The onboard luxuries and service will ensure a relaxing and entertaining voyage, while the on-shore daytrips will give participants a chance to stretch their land legs and soak up the sun, as well as the local culture. Voyagers can enjoy the peace and quiet of their elegant cabins or make friends with their fellow passengers. Whether making friends or memories, travel has a way of expanding one’s horizons, while also bringing the world closer together. Grupo Vidanta’s understanding of this simultaneous desire for adventure and intimacy sure to make Vidanta Cruises a success.