Christian values guide Dungy and the Colts

Dungy: "I want to thank God for giving us this opportunity to come together as a team."

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After Tony Dungy led the Indianapolis Colts to a Super Bowl victory on Sunday, he made it clear that his success had not affected his strong attachment to Christianity. As the Indianapolis Colts head coach entered the locker room after answering every possible questions from the media, he demanded silence before speaking to his players. "I want to thank God for giving us this opportunity to come together as a team and for giving us the chance to play in this Super Bowl," said Dungy as he led his team in a two-minute prayer that hailed Jesus and the Spirit of God. The Colts began the 2006/07 NFL season with a prayer six months ago and concluded it with one on Sunday night after their Super Bowl victory. "We are ending the season the way we started it," said Dungy. "I told you last night that we were going to experience storms and you guys handled it well. I am so proud of all of you." Dungy then joked, "I didn't realize we were going to experience storms on the first play of the game," referring to the Chicago Bears' Devin Hester returning the opening kick for a touchdown. Dungy believes this victory proves one can build a team using fundamental Christian values as a guide for success. "We believe if you do things the way God tells us to, you can still win in this league. That manifested itself here tonight." Colts owner Jim Irsay seemed to share the sentiment, adding, "Tonight, we were like spiritual beings having a human experience. "No matter which team won tonight, we were both feeling the glory of God. But tonight was our night and we remember the glory of God."