Ein Gedi half-marathon promotes co-existence

The race was launched in in memory of Kibbutz Ein Gedi resident Giora Ron.

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half marathon 88
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Israeli marathon champion Nili Abramski will be joined by participants from across the globe at the 24th Ein Gedi half-marathon this weekend, including a group of eight youngsters from Jordan. In all, some 2,000 participants will take part, including around 800 in the main half-marathon. The event, which will take place on Saturday morning, is also known as the "marathon of peace" and aims to bring together the Jewish and Arab communities in Israel. The race was launched in 1982, in memory of Kibbutz Ein Gedi resident Giora Ron, a runner who was tragically killed in a work accident. As well as the senior events, which open the Israeli half-marathon season, more than 100 Jewish, Arab and Palestinian children will take part in a two-kilometer run. "We believe sport can be a trigger to encourage peace," said Ofra Gazit, the spokesperson for the Tamar Regional Council, which is organizing the race. "If you bring it to people when they are very young they grow to be like that and that's why we try to involve in our race so many people from different races and religions." Due to the race, a portion of Highway 90 will be closed from 8:30 a.m.-noon Saturday.