Games We Play - Moshiko Soccer: Iskit Plus too tough for Gamezone

Games We Play - Moshiko

A superb team performance saw Iskit Plus clinch qualification with a comfortable 3-0 victory over Gamezone. Alistair Lachman produced another fine display in Iskit's goal while Avi Kraus's marvelous skill provided for Josh Zneimer's sensational double and Benzi Loonsteins clinical finish. Zneimer is the only player to have scored in every game this season. Red Bull Vienna recorded its fifth win of the season in a fierce encounter with Brunch Bagels. The Bagels dominated the first half and should have finished the game off, but Shimi Goldstein defended superbly with crucial last-ditch tackles, while Benji Weissbraun, Yitzi Grunhut, the dedicated Moshe Lewis and Chaim Kornbluth scored in Red Bull's 4-2 win. Meanwhile, the Giblets claimed their first win of the season with a 3-1 defeat of basement dweller Ben Maimon. Eliezer Gilbert, Aron Pardew and Aviel Grouchman scored in their important win. Yesod United fought out an exciting 2-2 draw with the mighty Cafe Neeman. Andrew Baxter put Neeman ahead only for Etai Fishbein and a long range Josh Silverberg strike to turn the game to Yesod's favour. Yesod was unlucky when Lior Deri strike a controversial last minute equalizer. continued to impress with a 5-1 defeat of Superboyz. Saul Clarke, Gaby Esusy, Jordan Gold (2) and Eli Harris were the scorers. Finally, a Gav Cohen brace was enough to see off Doggystyle in Red Devils 2-0 win.