Games We Play - Tackle Football: Haifa on rampage with romp over Hasharon at Wingate

The Big Blue Jerusalem Lions had better look over their shoulders, because there is a stampeding pack of Underdogs right on their tail and quickly gaining ground. In Friday's IFL action at the Wingate Institute for Physical Culture and Sport in Netanya, the Real Housing Haifa Underdogs kept the stakes up for a huge match-up for first place in two weeks against Jerusalem with a 38-6 victory over the Dancing Camel Hasharon Pioneers. Haifa (5-2) is literally getting better every week and their two-way attack is positively scary and peaking at the perfect time. Their defense has gone from giving up 30 points in the first game of their current four game winning streak, to 18, to none in a shutout of Tel Aviv last week, to six in this contest, coming off only a four-day week to rest. Even more impressive, the Underdogs' offense, which ranks as second most potent in the league, has widened its margin of victory in every week of the streak. Despite Ziv's struggles as a pocket passer, he demonstrated the fact that he is one of the league's most dangerous weapons when used as a dual threat on the perimeter. Haifa was also able to smother Hasharon by using multiple pre-snap looks to confuse Hasharon QB Yoni Mazel. By baiting him into a few incorrect audibles, the Underdogs were able to keep the Pioneers' sputtering offense out of sync. The IFL gets under-way next with a tilt between the league's bottom-dwellers as the Dancing Camel Hasharon Pioneers get right back on the horse and take on the Mike's Place Tel Aviv Sabres (1-4) at home. The game will take place on Friday at noon at the Yarkon Sports Complex in the Baptist Village near Petah Tikva.