Haile Satayin - marathon

Perhaps the most remarkable athlete in the Israeli delegation, Haile Satayin will almost definitely be the oldest runner in the athletics competitions in Beijing. The 53-year-old will be running in China just four weeks after spending four days in the Ethiopian prison. Satayin was released only last Thursday after an Ethiopian court ruled that there was no truth in the claims that he had stolen money from an acquaintance of his. Despite the unpleasant experience and the fact that he was incarcerated for the same period for the same reason only seven months ago, Satayin decided to remain in Ethiopia and is currently going through his final preparations for the Olympic marathon, which will be run on the final day of the Games on August 24. Satayin, who qualified for Beijing by finishing in 19th position at last year's World Championships in Japan, ended the Athens Olympics marathon in 20th place and will be hoping for a repeat performance in China.