Halperin makes case for NBA at pre-draft camp

ESPN expert Chad Ford to The Jerusalem Post: Halperin has the best credentials of anyone in the camp.

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halperin 88
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Yotam Halperin has been hard at work increasing the chance that he will become the first - or at least one of the first two - Israelis drafted by the NBA. At the Treviso, Italy, predraft camp, which ended on Thursday, he was one of the stars. Halperin "is so skilled, it's a pleasure to watch him," said Luis Fernandez, the director of international scouting for DraftExpress.com. "It's pure silk." Fernandez also noted that Halperin, a 22-year-old point guard from Ra'anana, helped his team win, while emerging as a true leader on the court. "Halperin has the best credentials of anyone in the camp," ESPN expert Chad Ford told The Jerusalem Post, and "it's shown in his first two games." Fernandez and Ford both predicted that Halperin could be drafted somewhere in the second round. That would make the former Maccabi Tel Aviv player either the first Israeli name ever to be called out at an NBA Draft or one of the first two, depending on what happens with compatriot Lior Eliyahu. Eliyahu was also in Treviso ahead of the draft, which is scheduled for June 28.