Iranian bball team shakes Israeli coach's hand

Blatt, formerly Maccabi TA coach and now coach of Russian team, also caught on camera hugging Iranian center.

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olympic promo 224
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A day after an Iranian swimmer refused to race alongside an Israeli, David Blatt and the captain of the Iran basketball team Mohammadsamad Nikkhah displayed the true spirit of the Olympic Games when they spoke and embraced moments after the Israeli's Russia team defeated Iran 71-49 in Group A. "This is the beauty of sport," Blatt said after the game. "As soon as you start running you forget everything and remember that we are all the same. Unfortunately, politics is not in the hands of the regular people and the athletes. "They are great guys and have some good players who could even play in the Euroleague," added Blatt about the Iranians. The Iranian players answered the questions asked by Israeli journalist about the game, but wouldn't say much when asked about playing against an Israeli coach. "We're here to play basketball and not to speak about these things. "Politics and sport shouldn't be mixed," said Nikkhah. "I'm here to play and not to speak about politics."