Israeli kayaking duo gains Euro spot

Michael Kolaganov, 35, and his young partner, Barak Lopen, 19, crossed the finish line in one minute 31 seconds.

Kolaganov 88 (photo credit: )
Kolaganov 88
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Former Olympic medalist Michael Kolganov and his young partner, Barak Lopen, placed seventh in the final of the 500-meter pairs event at the kayaking World Cup meet in Duisberg, Germany, clinching a berth at the European Championships this July in the Czech Republic. Kolganov won a bronze medal in the 500-m individual event at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. At Duisberg, Kolaganov, 35, and Lopen, 19, crossed the finish line in one minute 31 seconds, when, according to delegation head Aviram Mizrahi, just one second separated the five teams between fourth and eighth place. "This is a very respectable result," Mizrahi said. "I'm pleased with Kolganov and Lopen's ability." There was less satisfaction with the performance of the women at the meet. The team of Lior Carmi and Marina Levkovic finished last in the 500-meter pairs B final - placing 18th overall - while Larissa Peisakhovitch came in 16th in the 500-m individual. On Sunday morning, Roei Yellin will compete in the 1,000-m individuals.