Israeli Olympic swimming hopeful Max Jaben fails steroids test

Israeli Olympic swimming qualifier Max Jaben has tested positive for the anabolic steroid boldenone in two samples, the Israel Swimming Association said in a statement issued Saturday night, putting his chances of participating in the 2008 Beijing games in serious jeopardy. While the brief statement did not specifically mention his future, the association announced earlier this month that the "A" sample of urine taken from Jaben on April 30 had been found to contain traces of boldenone and warned that should the second "B" sample likewise prove to be positive he would be suspended from the Israeli team pending a review by the ISA tribunal. Saturday's statement confirming that the "B" sample had indeed tested positive set no date for a meeting of the tribunal. Jaben, who qualified for Israel in the 200-meter freestyle, has denied any steroid use. Before immigrating to Israel from the United States last summer he swam for the Kansas City Blazers club and for the University of Florida.