Kayaking: Gafni rows to World Cup bronze

Russian-born Israeli surprises herself with her unexpected success in the 500m; fellow Israeli Roei Yellin places 10th in the 1000m.

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kayaking 88
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Adi Gafni surprised even herself Sunday with a bronze medal in the 500 meters at the kayaking World Cup meet in Duisberg, Germany. "I don't know how I did it," she said. "I went down to the water today without much desire after yesterday's disappointing results. Just before the start, I told myself, 'I've gotta use all of my energy to succeed.'" The "switch" worked, as Gafni, 27, blew past most of her competition - including compatriot Larissa Peisakhovitch - to take third. Peisakhovitch came in fifth. Roei Yellin placed 10th in the 1,000-m individual event, securing a berth at next month's European Championships in the Czech Republic. He joins Michael Kolganov and Barak Lopen, who qualified Saturday in the 500-m pairs.