Right to Reply: Raising the hopes of Cleveland sports fans

An Ohio native warns against a premature declaration of victory.

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Opening Sunday's copy of The Jerusalem Post and going straight to the sports section (as I do, especially on Sunday a.m.) I wailed, NNNNOOOO!!!! My wife yelled, "What happened?" One of the kids shouted,"Was there a pigua (terrorist attack)"? I moaned my reply, "They published an article proclaiming the Cavaliers NBA Champs. They wrote it from the perspective of the post-victory parade in downtown Cleveland, recapping the speeches, crowds, and trophy-waving." As a (some say fanatic, I say normal) Cleveland professional sports fan for nearly 50 years, it is absolutely FORBIDDEN in our circles to even HINT that such an accomplishment is within reach, let alone proclaim it. Cleveland fans have so much scar tissue on their hearts from having them ripped out, stomped on, and left for dead over and over again this past 50 years (see "The DRIVE", "The Fumble", and the 3-2 loss in 11 innings in Game 7 of the 1997 World Series, just to tear the scabs off three of the most brutal). I will GLEEFULLY write a complimentary opinion piece for the Post SHOULD the day EVER come when a Cleveland professional sports team wins a championship in ANY major sport, but until then please take the lead of Akron, Ohio (my hometown by the way) native and monarch, LeBron James, and approach EVERY possession with intensity, take NOTHING for granted (cause it ain't over 'til it's OVER), and hold on tight for the seismic celebration should the fantasy (for us) described in this morning's paper every come to be.