Shop until you spin

This marathon event offers exercise with a view.

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For many, fast-paced lifestyles make visiting the gym an impossible luxury. Next Friday's Spinning Marathon at Tel Aviv's Azrieli Center provides an opportunity to combine exercise with shopping. Sponsored by Adidas and the Holmes Place health club chain, the event will place participants on 125 bikes - including 25 on the roof of the center, where a limited number of early bookers can see the impressive Tel Aviv skyline in its entirety. Participants, each of whom will spin for either 30 minutes or 90, will be able to choose from a selection of classes run by professional spinning teachers, among them event organizer Roni Yoffer, who is responsible for bringing spinning to Israel. With a variety of motivational programs and music styles including disco, hip hop and Israeli pop, the classes offer something for everyone. Those looking to unwind after their spinning session can enjoy a massage at the sports fair taking place alongside the marathon. The fair will also feature an assortment of sports and exercise products for sale. The marathon takes place May 12 between 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. and costs NIS 60 for a half-hour session on the roof or NIS 90 for an hour and a half at the lookout point two floors below. Participants must book in advance and can't register for more than one session. There is also an option to choose your preferred teacher in advance. Call (305) 700-1700 or log on to