Soccer: Chelsea owner reportedly tries to lure Grant

Mourinho reportedly tells Russian billionaire he won't sit quietly if former Israel national team coach brought to club.

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abromovich 88
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Former Israel national team coach Avraham Grant has once again found himself at the center of the much publicized row between Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and club owner Roman Abramovich. The Sun reported on Tuesday that the Portuguese manager told the Russian billionaire he doesn't care if he fires him and that he will not sit quietly if Abramovich brings Grant to the club. "If the club decides to sack me, that's part of the game. I'll be a millionaire and I will get another club a couple of months later," Mourinho said. The British tabloid reported that Mourinho's latest remarks came after Abramovich made a fresh move for Grant, who is currently the technical director of Premier League side Portsmouth. According to the paper, the Blues' owner tried to bring in Grant earlier this season to help Andriy Shevchenko find his scoring touch. However Mourinho vetoed the move and said he would quit if Abramovich interfered with his coaching personnel. Nevertheless, the Russian has now apparently decided Grant will be joining the coaching team, whether Mourinho likes it or not. A source close to Abramovich told The Sun: "Roman is still annoyed with Jose and I don't know whether he will be manager next season. Jose has to see things from Roman's point of view if they are to work together in the long term. Roman wants Grant and Jose needs to realize that."