Soccer fans detained for Nazi chants

Over 100 arrested during Euro match for using slogans like "All Poles have to wear a yellow star."

soccer police 224 (photo credit: AP)
soccer police 224
(photo credit: AP)
Police temporarily detained about 140 people in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt late Sunday for shouting Nazi-like slogans, during Germany's European Championship opener against Poland. Germany won the game 2-0. The match had been billed as one of the more likely for fan violence. There were no reports of violence against police, but the Austria Press Agency said several German and Polish fans clashed briefly in Klagenfurt's largest fan zone after Germany took a 1-0 lead. Police encircled one group in downtown Klagenfurt after they began shouting slogans such as, "All Poles have to wear a yellow star" - an allusion to the yellow star that Jews had to display in parts of Europe controlled by Nazi Germany and its allies. Members of a second group were arrested, said police, after they began shouting similar slogans, among them: "Germans protect yourselves. Don't buy anything from Poles" - again an allusion to warnings during the Nazi era, when Germans and Austrians were told to boycott Jewish stores. The Austria Press Agency said those detained would be charged with disturbing the peace and expelled from Austria.