Tackle Football: IFL opens camp

Over 40 rookie players in attendance for opening sessions, more expected over the next four days.

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tackle football 88
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On Monday, the Israel Football League opened its first-ever rookie training camp, taking place at the Baptist Village in Petach Tikvah. Over 40 rookie players were in attendance for the opening sessions, with more players expected over the next four days. "We have been looking forward to this morning with tremendous excitement," said IFL Commissioner Eric Amkraut. "It is truly encouraging to see so many new players eager to learn the game of American Football." The IFL rookie training camp, sponsored by Hooters, Israel, Netanya, will run during Hol Hamo'ed Pessah, April 21-24. The IFL is pleased to welcome Coach Don Peek and his staff from International Sports Professionals, who arrived from the United States in order to lead the clinic. Joined by IFL coaches and team captains, new players will be instructed in the skills and thrills of full-contact tackle football. The camp is open to players 13 years and older, with participants divided into a 13-17 division and an over 17 division. A controlled scrimmage is slated for the end of the camp. "Registration has far exceeded our expectations," says Ben Friedman, IFL rookie camp coordinator and captain of the IFL's Real Housing Haifa Underdogs. Over 100 prospective players have registered with the IFL, with over 50 of those players expected to be in attendance at the rookie camp.