Team GB abandons Junior accommodation

Vrutush competitors moved from Netanya to a hotel in Jerusalem.

king david hotel 298.88 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
king david hotel 298.88
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
All has not been rosy at the Maccabiah this week. While the sporting achievements of Israeli runners, British soccer players and American basketball players grabbed the headlines, there have been all manner of mishaps - from the cancellation of softball games at the Baptist Village due to the lack of a business license, to the apparent low level of quality of a section of the athletes' accommodation. Some of the problems occurred at Bet Hadasim in Even Yehuda, close to Netanya, where the Canadian and South African junior teams are staying. The accommodation was reportedly seen as inadequate when the teams arrived, but they decided to stick it out, help clean the place up and are now apparently satisfied with the lodgings. "Our girls are very happy and are having a great time. It is a triumph of the spirit," the mother of one Canadian participant said. Team Great Britain, however, had a different approach. After seeing the state of their accommodation, also in the area of Netanya they made a quick decision to move the competitors to a hotel in Jerusalem, even though many of them were competing at the Wingate Institute, an hour and a half's drive away. British team spokesman Daniel Morris refused to comment on the issue. Meanwhile, the Baptist Village was not the only Maccabiah competition location to be compromised in the past week due to problematic licensing. The Lawn Bowls Club in Ra'anana, which had been slated for the past year to host a significant portion of the Game's Lawn Bowling program, was deemed to be lacking the proper license to sell refreshments to non-members. Luckily alternate arrangements were made in time to accommodate the entire schedule at the club in Ramat Gan.