The Johannesburg vibe is just awesome

“Ayoba!” The fans screamed as Ghana deftly defended each of the American goal attempts.

2010 world cup 311 (photo credit: AP)
2010 world cup 311
(photo credit: AP)
JOHANNESBURG – We left Israel Friday morning, on a jam-packed jumbo flight, which soon resembled the Mahane Yehuda market with cash and football tickets flowing like milk and honey.
After a good flight we arrived at our hosts in Glenhazel, the Jewish suburb in Johannesburg. Our accommodation and the food is six stars.
There is only one thing on the national psyche – soccer! In the Shul on Friday night the Chief Rabbi welcomed all the fans from all over the world.
I am convinced that we belong to the best club in the world, the children of Avraham, our father. Shabbat morning, the shul had a kiddush with the tastiest herrings, and of course the best whisky.
After the Kiddush there was a shiur (lesson) giving by Simon Johnson, a committed Jew who heads the English 2018 World cup bid.
It was an amazing shiur and of course had a World Cup theme, so that it was really fantastic to hear it from the maven himself.
We hope England wins the bid, as he already invited us all to stay at his home in London.
All over the country, parks have been set up with giant high definition screens for fans to watch the games and soak up the atmosphere of this event. This extends to many of the larger shopping malls, which have done the same.
Last night we went to watch the Ghana-USA match on a giant screen at Melrose Arch shopping complex. Thousands of fans blasting their Vivuzellas were there. All the restaurants and bars, including a lovely kosher restaurant were packed. We stood and just savored the food, drink and the vibe.
When Ghana scored the second goal the crowd went crazy. With the restof the African teams eliminated from the first round, all South Africais now behind Ghana. The shout is for Africa.
“Ayoba!” The fans screamed as Ghana deftly defended each of the American goal attempts.
Tonight we are off to our first live game at Soccer city, Argentina against Mexico.
I have to pinch myself. We grew up in the old South Africa, where wewere barred from International sporting competition and now we are backhosting the World Cup, which will be remembered as the greatest everhosted.