A beeline to holiday sweets

Givat Brenner provides an opportunity for some less daunting seasonal fun.

bumble bee 88 (photo credit: )
bumble bee 88
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Those brave enough can get into the holiday spirit this week with a visit to the Emek Hefer beehives. In the run up to Rosh Hashana, the hives are open to the public for free on three occasions: this morning, Thursday morning and next Friday morning. Beekeepers will provide insight into the fascinating inner workings of these structures, from the majestic queen bees who rule to the female workers who make the honey and the male drones whose only job is to mate with the queen (after which they immediately die). Guests can also view a short film on the life of bees and take a tour of the honey packaging factory, as well as sample an array of different kinds of honey made on site. Emek Hefer is located at the entrance to Kibbutz Mishmeret, close to Pardess Hanna. For more information, call (04) 637-0105. Givat Brenner provides an opportunity for some less daunting seasonal fun tomorrow. Bargain hunters can find the perfect Rosh Hashana gift at a reasonably priced sale of fig and pomegranate-based products, featuring ice cream, wine, jam, honey and more, all made from fruit grown at the kibbutz nursery. Those not content with confining festive food to Rosh Hashana can enjoy these products for an extended period of the year by purchasing one of a selection of fig trees on offer. The sale runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information, call (08) 944-3952 or visit www.gardens.co.il