All Out Adventure: No chance of getting bored

Top 5: Independence Day is a great time to get out of the city and explore the country.

Mount Gilboa 370 (photo credit:
Mount Gilboa 370
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Independence Day is a great time to get out of the city to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful country. Israel has hundreds of National Parks, Nature Reserves, Forests, and other spots for a hike or barbecue, so you can never get bored.
1. Sataf
Photo: Flavio GrynszpanPhoto: Flavio Grynszpan
Beautifully nestled in the hills just minutes outside Jerusalem, if you are in Jerusalem and can only spare a few hours on Independence Day, this could be the place to head.
Its beautiful setting and great range of walking trails make it perfect for the whole family. From the parking lot, head off on one of the great range hiking trails and return to the café or for the all-important barbecue.
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2. Caesarea
A firm favorite, Caesarea is one of Israel’s most iconic national parks. Although it's likely to be very busy on Independence Day, it’ll be worth it.
Walk through the beautifully restored harbor, built by King Herod over 2,000 years ago, gaze in awe at the incredible amphitheater, and relax at the great restaurants.
The exhibits and interactive experiences are great for kids. If you don’t want the afternoon to get away, drive ten minutes north to Zichron Yaakov and walk through the pretty downtown of one of the first settlements in the Land of Israel.
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3. Mount Gilboa & Gan Hashlosha
It might be a little further from the center of the country, but it's certainly worth it. The Mount Gilboa Scenic Road passes along the Gilboa Ridge with a number of great stop-offs along the way for hikes and barbecues in magical settings overlooking the Jezreel and Beit Shean Valleys beneath.
After your hike and lunch, descend and head ten minutes down the road to Gan Hashlosha, one of the most beautiful parks in the world (according to Time magazine) and relax beside the beautiful pools while the kids take a swim.
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4. Masada
Photo: Joe YudinPhoto: Joe Yudin
The snake path up Masada on Independence Day is about as idealistic as you could get. Of course, Masada is one of Israel’s most impressive and important sites.
Its story of Jewish heroism thousands of years ago makes it an icon in modern Israeli society, and whether you decide to take the one and a half hour walk up the snake path at dawn, or to come along later and ride the cable car, it’ll be worth it.
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5. Yarkon Park
While most people know the Yarkon Park for its narrow stretch through northern Tel Aviv, this urban park is actually a lot bigger and you can walk all day from the estuary of the Yarkon near the Tel Aviv Port, inland.
Have a barbecue or picnic in the park or head to one of the great restaurants at the Tel Aviv Port and after lunch take a stroll down the promenade towards Jaffa or turn left and explore the beautiful streets of the White City.
Read more about the Yarkon Park and the walking options it provides here.
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