Cheap seats

Two Tel Aviv residents created a web site to help budget-minded theater-goers find discounts for pricey Broadway shows.

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Tel Aviv residents Dan and Odeda Geisler didn't let the high price of Broadway shows keep them home. Instead, they created a Web site to help people find ticket discounts, so they could pass along their passion for the stage. Four years ago they started, "a community-based Web site with the most comprehensive list of discounts." Dan explains that many tourists have trouble finding theater coupons because most are in local papers, magazines and direct mailings. The Web site started as a place for theater lovers to post coupon codes for Broadway and off-Broadway theater for others to use. Combining their high-tech roots and love of theater, the husband-and-wife team soon turned their hobby into a full-time career. With over 220 discounts for 85 shows, the Web site is now one of the most comprehensive lists of theater coupons in the world. "We allow our users to have the broadest information of what's going on," Odeda said. Web site users are able to sign up for weekly or monthly e-mail newsletters, and the site now covers shows in London, Las Vegas, and even Israel. Dan said the prices on BroadwayBox are 25% to 50% lower than regular ticket prices. And unlike many other ticket sites, BroadwayBox is completely free for users, and has no ads. The Web site is not only helpful in finding discounts, but also for vacation planning in terms of selecting shows, hotels and restaurants. And it should prove useful for people in countries such as Israel because they can make educated decisions before traveling, Odeda told The Jerusalem Post. Two months ago, the Geislers launched an Israeli version, and now offer discounts for Tel Aviv performances. In another few months, they hope to add a section for reviews and community postings. People can get directly to the Hebrew-language site at