Hotel of many stars

The Park and Nature Authority provides two educational, family-orientated outdoor experiences.

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turtle 88
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As the school year draws to a close, parents can be heard bemoaning the prospect of days spent coercing their offspring away from the television. The Park and Nature Authority provides respite with two educational, family-orientated outdoor experiences which are original enough to provide incentive for the children to let go of the remote control. First up is an explanation of the life cycle of endangered green sea turtles and loggerheads. The females of both species lay eggs on beaches throughout the country, but the pollution and human activity on public beaches drag down the survival rates of their offspring. Park and Nature Authority officials substantially improve survival by transferring the newly laid eggs to artificially conditioned private beaches or "farms," where they remain for the duration of the 60-day nesting period. Once the hatching process begins, it usually lasts close to three days, so guests are likely - though not guaranteed - to catch a glimpse of the newborn emerging and returning. Participants must register in advance and will be notified about the date of the tours once hatching has begun. Tours will take place at Nitzanim beach, Zikim beach and Gador beach. Families can rough it under the stars at camping events in Yarkon National Park running on various Friday nights throughout the summer, beginning tonight. The "Hotel of Many Stars" provides showers, bathrooms and wood for campfires, although guests bring their own tents, sleeping bags and food. Participants can get a close-up of the sky at night thanks to astronomy presentations complete with telescopes. The experience rounds off with a Saturday morning hike along the Yarkon river bank. For more information about both events or to register for the sea-animal tours, call *3639 or visit