Weekend Walk: Zippori National Park

Located in the western Lower Galilee, the ruins of the fascinating ancient city of Zippori tell an impressive story.

Located in the western Lower Galilee, the remains of the magnificent city of Zippori offer a great day out. The Zippori National Park, which was opened to the public in 1992, covers an area of 16 square kms.
Once there, start at the visitor's center to receive some expert advice and then follow the well designed map on a tour of the ancient ruins. The highlights include, public buildings, bathhouses, churches, a synagogue, a theater and a fortress. Make sure to check out the views from the top of the fortress.
There are also a number of impressive mosaics throughout the site which tell various stories about the history of the people that inhabited the area.
Make your way back to the visitor's center for something to eat and enjoy the outdoor seating area which offers great views of the area.
To reach the Zippori National Park drive east on Route 79 and and turn left into Moshav Zippori.Then follow the signposted road to the ancient ruins.