Capital Cool: Schubert to go with your Shiraz

J'lem nightlife is about the food as much as it's about the drinks; being an intellectual town, it also includes plenty of readings, recitals and romance.

Black Bar N Burger 311 (photo credit: Courtesy Black Bar N Burger)
Black Bar N Burger 311
(photo credit: Courtesy Black Bar N Burger)
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Previously at shared our picks for the hottest live shows, festivals, parties and drink specials in the Holy City this summer. But not all of the night time fun in Jerusalem happens at bars. Don't forget that often, Jerusalem nightlife is about the food as much as it's about the drinks. Moreover, being the intellectual town that it is, summertime revelers in Jerusalem don't necessarily all come bouncing through the streets at the sound of thumping bass lines. Thankfully, the nightlife here includes plenty of readings, recitals and romance. Do you like unlimited beer with your Georgian dumplings, water fights with your drama performances, or Schubert with your Shiraz? If so, then read on.
Several restaurant-bars are celebrating the summer, like Lavan, which is switching up its menu, and Hahatzer, which features special daily offerings. At Colony, which is always putting on some event or another to draw in foodies (for example, recent wine tastings and concerts), an upcoming guest chef-helmed dinner means an Italian-themed night takes place this week.
In the Khan Theater’s courtyard, Khanale hosts a massive Saturday soiree for all the wild and crazy university kids, starting on the afternoon of August 20 and going into the night. The mid-July instance of this student party series was held in the Cinematheque's back yard garden, with water fights, live jams and free admission for those who arrived in bathing suits.
Does Georgian food taste better with a bit of booze? Only one way to find out. As part of the weekly Thursday fixed menu deal at George'z, the first glass of wine or shot of vodka is on the house, with unlimited glasses of beer thrown in for just NIS 50 more.
Mamilla Cafe hosts two special themed nights each week, with Greek or Latin food and music available. And Black Bar N Burger just finished off a month of celebrating American freedom with beer and bourbon (a bottle of Miller and a mini-shot of Jim Beam for just NIS 21) to go with their big ol’ burgers, so they'll likely offer something likewise attractive for August. And every Friday this summer, Kedma hosts an afternoon chillout, with ambient lounge music and summer-themed food and drink surprises.
But man cannot live on bread and beer alone. Nourish your soul and your mind with some highbrow nightlife options, like Friday poetry and music at Ben-Ami, readings and workshops at Tmol Shilshom or classical recitals amid Ottoman-era mansion garden atmosphere at the Ticho House.
And don't forget, August 14 is Tu B'av night, which means romance is on the menu all around town. Jerusalem is, of course, a great town for first dates, follow-up dates, or nights of debauchery with one's friends (this is true for ladies and gentlemen alike).
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