Hotel Review: Inbal Hotel

The Inbal has created a magnificent oasis of calm in the midst of a clamoring urban environment.

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inbal hotel room298 88
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The writers were guests of the Inbal Hotel. When visitors come to Jerusalem, they want to "feel" the special experience of being in the 3000 year old capital of the Jewish people. There is no better hotel to feel the Jerusalem experience than the Inbal Jerusalem. For starters, the hotel is located just a few minutes walk from Jerusalem's Old City. From the hotel's upper level suites, you can see the sun set over the Old City walls, which glow in the evening sky. The Jerusalem theme is prevalent in the hotel decor, which is constructed of Jerusalem stone, both inside and out. For added effect, the conference rooms are named after geographic locations in Jerusalem and throughout Israel. But what makes the hotel epitomize Jerusalem is the excellent Middle Eastern service, with the hotel staff treating guests as if they were sultans. Their pleasant manner of allows guests to feel they are truly on vacation from the hassles of everyday life. When we arrived at the hotel, we were indeed in need of a weekend getaway. We were pleased that it could be found in a hotel that is located a few blocks from our home and from the Jerusalem city center. The Inbal has created an oasis inside an urban environment. The Inbal spa features cardiovascular workout equipment, exercise classes and relaxation facilities that include a variety of massages, saunas and a chlorine-free pool, which we were surprised to see is open all year-round because it is surrounded by a heated bubble in the winter. The peculiar shape of the building results in there being a variety of shapes and sizes in the hotel's 294 rooms. We were impressed by nuances in the design of the rooms, such as the bath tubs that have taps on the sides instead of the ends to allow you to bathe undisturbed, without a spout in your back. The hotel lobby and Italian restaurant have been renovated recently. Guests are given a fruit platter, bottle of water, robe and slippers, and a vanity kit with Q-tips, an emery board, and a sewing kit. Because we stayed in a suite, we were even treated to room service on the house, with champagne, cookies, nuts, and truffles. Perhaps the highlight of staying in the Inbal is their sumptuous buffet lunch on Shabbat, with no less than 10 kinds of meat, delectable side dishes, and a plethora of salads. Shabbat dinner is also delicious. We found the hotel to provide an ideal romantic getaway for couples, but there are also facilities for people with larger families, including a children's play room, conveniently located in the spa area, next to the massage rooms and the pool. For Shabbat-observant guests, the hotel provides non-electronic room keys. Two of the four elevators become Shabbat-friendly, with one stopping on each floor on the way up and the other on the way down. There are Shabbat prayer services in the hotel, and several synagogues within walking distance, including the Hazvi Yisrael synagogue on Hovevei Zion, known for its singles' scene and its late prayer times that will allow hotel guests to sleep in. Inbal Hotel Liberty Bell Park, 3, Jabotinsky St. Jerusalem, 92145 Tel: 972-2-675-6666 Fax: 972-2-675-6777 Email: