Big Top for little Israel

A circus opening in Yakum Park will bring the thrill of the flying trapeze to Israelis.

circus 88.298 (photo credit: )
circus 88.298
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In an enormous tent in the middle of Yakum Park (near Shfai'im, some 20 minutes north of Tel Aviv), a modern Israeli circus will start weekly performances. Though a circus is usually characterized by its traveling nature, the Israeli version is here to stay and will be open every Saturday until the end of March. From popcorn and hot dogs to juggling, trampolines and tightrope walking, an authentic circus experience is in store. Originating in ancient Rome, the circus has long been a favorite family outing. In the Seventies, the Cirque Nouveau movement ushered in a new era of circus entrtainment that avoided the use of animals and introduced more advanced acrobatics. The most famous of these is the Cirque du Soleil of Canada, and now Israel has jumped on the bandwagon. The main act is a duo that calls itself "Captain Zuchini." Together for seven years, the pair - consisting of an hysterical strong man and a flexible flirt - gets mixed up with a confused ballerina to tell a humorous story, never ceasing to involve the audience. With the help of four live musicians the show is animated - a great place to bring "La Familya," as this comic show is called. Circus manager Ran Tubis says the circus "gives everyone the chance to overcome their fears and fulfill their dreams." Complete with a family-oriented message, the circus might still be, 2000 years after its creation, every family's favorite form of entertainment. Every Saturday at 11:30, Yakum Park, NIS 60 for kids, 40 for adults.