Tel Aviv ranked 50th most global city

New York gets top spot in Foreign Policy Global Cities Index.

TEL AVIV 311 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
American magazine Foreign Policy released its Global Cities Index for 2010 on Tuesday, ranking New York as top city, and Tel Aviv as 50.
Half of the world's population is urban, and half of the world's most global cities are Asian, according to Foreign Policy. The Global Cities Index shows a shift from West to East, with five of the world's ten most global cities in Asia and the Pacific: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Seoul.
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Three of the top ten cities are American - New York, Chicago and Los Angeles - and only two are European - London and Paris. The top four cities remain the same as in the first Global Cities Index published in 2008: New York, London, Tokyo and Paris, despite the clear effect of globalization on the list.
Four Middle Eastern cities can be found on the list: Tel Aviv (50), Dubai (27), Istanbul (41), and Cairo (43).
The ranking is based on a cities integration with and influence on global markets, culture and innovation. Foreign Policy also tallied the cities' population, business activity, cultural experience, political involvement and information exchange. Other factors are the amount of Fortune Global 500 companies in the city, international imports and exports, number of embassies, think tanks, political groups and museums. The magazine then determined how worldly or provincial a city is, using this data.