Apple fans mourn Jobs

Tributes pour in from Apple fans across the world after news of the death of Apple co founder Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs_311 (photo credit: Reuters)
Steve Jobs_311
(photo credit: Reuters)
He was the pioneering former chief executive of technology giant Apple, and his work influenced millions.
Now as news of Steve Jobs' death spreads across the world, tributes pour in from fans of the company he co-founded and the pioneering products he helped create.
At an Apple store in the French capital, Parisians paid their respect to Jobs, hailing his influence and leaving flowers.
In Russia, one Apple fan described the loss of Jobs as a tragedy.  "It's a big tragedy for all Apple fans. He was a respected figure. It's sad."
In Munich, Germany, a solitary candle was left outside an Apple store, in tribute to the 56 year old.
Here one resident said that despite the loss, the company's success would continue. "It's business and they are just going to continue. The company is safe, the people have the knowledge at their hands. I think the death of a single person can maybe set free some ideas, but not break down a company. If he has done his job right, then it is going to continue."
Father of four Jobs had quit his position in August in order to deal with his illness.
Jobs died on Wednesday after a years-long battle with pancreatic cancer.