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Jerusalem's Heichal Shlomo, inspired by the architecture of the First Temple, allows visitors a walk through Jewish history - past and present.

Judaica headdressing 150 (photo credit: courtesy/itraveljerusalem)
Judaica headdressing 150
(photo credit: courtesy/itraveljerusalem)
Located next to Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue on King George Street, Heichal Shlomo houses the Wolfson Museum of Jewish Art, a large auditorium and the Renanim Synagogue with an 18th century Italian Ark and Bima.
The former seat of Israel’s Chief Rabbinate, the striking building was inspired by the architecture of the First Temple. One of the highlights of a visit to the building is the beautiful panoramic view of Jerusalem and its surrounding hills.
The museum features both traditional and modern Jewish art exploring Jewish identity and Jewish culture. Considered amongst the world's finest, the museum’s Judaica collection includes unique archaeological objects, artistic gems, original documents as well as distinctive religious artifacts from different time periods and communities. The museum houses several permanent exhibitions and the entrance gallery stages temporary exhibits of works of art by Israeli artists. Heichal Shlomo hosts various activities, concerts and cultural events. These include movies, cantorial concerts, poetry readings, women's evenings and more. The programs on offer are suited for a diverse audience and are open to the general public.
Visit Heichal Shlomo for a fascinating journey through Jewish history – past to present.
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