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The Bloomfield Science Museums provides a great day out for both children and parents.

Bloomfield Science Museum 311 (photo credit: iTRAVELJERUSALEM)
Bloomfield Science Museum 311
(photo credit: iTRAVELJERUSALEM)
The Bloomfield Science Museum encourages active, interactive, experiential learning and is a wonderful outing for children and their parents.Learning is made fun and colorful and all are invited to get involved.
The Museum offers guided tours on a daily basis, as well as demonstrations and crafts workshops for young children, who can build small “display items” and take them home as a souvenir. Most of the guides speak English.
One of the highlights at the Museum is the exhibition “Innovations Inc.”, which traces the roots of scientific and technological innovation and creativity. The exhibition showcases Israeli innovations and a transparent studio for young designers, and has at its heart a workshop for experiencing innovation and creativity, aimed at both children and adults.
The Museum is located on Givat Ram, near the entrance to Jerusalem, alongside the Israel Museum and science campus of the Hebrew University on Givat Ram, across from the Knesset and government buildings.
Don’t miss out on a cutting-edge interactive romp through all things science and technology..
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