CITYsights: The etrog man can

Healer Uzi-eli from Yemen claims his selection of fresh juices, creams help cleanse body and soul.

Etrog man 311 (photo credit: iTRAVELJERUSALEM)
Etrog man 311
(photo credit: iTRAVELJERUSALEM)
One of the most bustling and unique spots in the Mahane Yehuda marketplace in Jerusalem is a store run by charismatic seventy-year-old, Uzi-eli from Yemen. Known by most as the “etrog man”, Uzi-eli is a third generation healer using the etrog, a potent citrus fruit used during Succot. He claims that his selection of fresh juices, creams and oral sprays treat skin problems, acne, sinus, neck and backache, infertility and even ephemeral ailments of the soul such as inner quiet.
Uzi-eli offers a selection of interesting-tasting juices, each with its own particular set of alleged healing powers. His juice mix of etrog, citrus and grapefruit is said to bring calm, “make a good heart” and bring pleasure, happiness and peace in the home. Other drinks on offer include a fiery ginger and apple mix for wintertime, the Ramban beverage with pomegranate, apple and cayenne as well as a passion fruit and goat yogurt drink that is “best for pleasure."
Uzi-eli’s sprays are bursting with concentrated goodness with 14 kilograms of citrus in a small bottle. He is passionate that just a small spritz can renew the skin, and allegedly heal any skin problem or condition. He advises to spray once a day, massage it in and wait for quick results. The secret is possibly in the seeds from the etrog fruit. Uzi-eli’s other magical elixirs include a special powder for diabetics, kombucha, a cayenne pepper drink, pomegranate juice, the “king of fruits”, and “the best arak in Yemen."
Disclaimer: The advice mentioned in this film is not a scientific claim.
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