CITYsights: What lies beneath

Hiding underneath the Kotel, The Western Wall Tunnels contain secrets revealing thousands of years of history.

Kotel tunnels 311 (photo credit: ITRAVELJERUSALEM)
Kotel tunnels 311
(photo credit: ITRAVELJERUSALEM)
The Western Wall is one of the most famous ancients walls still standing. It is also one of Jerusalem's holiest sites and most recognized landmarks
Did you know that the Western Wall plaza, where people come to pray, is only 11 percent of the original Temple Mount wall that stood thousands of years ago? 
This week in CITYsights, we venture out with Archaeologist and Tour Guide, Danny Herman, on a journey to the Western Wall Tunnels, where you will discover its vast dimensions including some secrets uncovered in archaeological digs in the past years. Enjoy!
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