Keinon on flotilla: ‘Israel loses either way’

On this week’s 20 Questions the Jpost’s diplomatic correspondent shares his thoughts on the upcoming flotilla, Kadima joining the government, and the recent ‘Naksa’ riots.

20 questions 58 (photo credit: courtsey)
20 questions 58
(photo credit: courtsey)
What and when will be the next step in the peace negotiations? Will France's initiative take off? Why is there a sudden wave of demonstrations by the Palestinians (as we’ve seen with the recent “Naksa” and “Nakba” days) and will it get worse?
This week’s 20 Questions hosts Herb Keinon, The Jerusalem Post’s diplomatic correspondent. 
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Keinon asserts that the likelihood that Kadima will join the government is slim.  From a political standpoint, Keinon believes that with elections around the corner opposition leader Tzipi Livni will not want to identify herself with Likud. On the other hand, Livni has been criticized for not looking out for one of Israel’s chief interests - showing the world a united front. 
When asked if he thinks Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be elected for a third term, Keinon answered in the affirmative.  Keinon postulates that were elections held now, Netanyahu would be reelected - mainly because he is in tune with the Israeli public’s concerns.
Will the Palestinians make their UN bid for statehood come September? While PA President Mahmoud Abbas is under pressure to abstain from making such a move, he is also concerned about his own historical legacy. Abbas will not want to go down in Palestinian history as the man who gave up the Palestinian dream of the right of return; rather he may aim to be noted in history as the leader that achieved UN recognition of a Palestinian state.

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