Massive cocaine bust in Colombia

Colombian authorities seize some $30 million US dollars worth of narcotics from a jungle lab in Meta province.

cocaine 311 (photo credit: Reuters)
cocaine 311
(photo credit: Reuters)
Colombian authorities found a cocaine lab in the jungles of Meta province on Thursday.
They swooped in and seized an estimated $30 million US dollars worth of cocaine and cocaine paste.
It is the biggest drug bust so far this year.
Intelligence officials said the lab belonged to rebel group, Colombia's Anti-Subversive Popular Revolutionary Army.
Genneral Luis Alberto Perez, Director of the Colombian Anti-Narcotics Police said, "What we have found here is the most complete structure for the processing of narcotics in the country this year. It had the capacity to produce between 500 and 800 kilograms (1100 to 1760 pounds) of cocaine chlorine hydrate per week. Among other things, we have found six tons of cocaine, from which five were cocaine chlorine hydrate and one cocaine base. We have also found 120 tons of raw material good for the processing of narcotics."
The area was well-stocked with food and police estimated it could sustain 40 men for a month.
Police guarded the cocaine and had to fire warning shots at one point when unidentified people approached.
Colombia remains the world's No. 1 cocaine producer, and authorities say multiple illegal armed groups are engaged in the drug trade.