Rosenfeld: Israeli Arabs arrested over J’lem explosion

The police spokesman discusses the threats facing Israel on a daily basis, the recent arrests of the pipe-bomb perpetrators, and the Police’s cooperation with other security agencies.

20 questions 58 (photo credit: courtsey)
20 questions 58
(photo credit: courtsey)
This week 20 Questions hosts Micky Rosenfeld, police foreign press spokesman and superintendent.
Rosenfeld reveals that five arrests were made in connection to the pipe-bomb explosion on Derech Hebron in south Jerusalem just over a month ago. A sanitation worker from the Jerusalem Municipality lost his hand when a garbage bag he was lifting exploded.
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The men arrested were residents of the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Sur Bahir and were in contact with Hamas in Gaza, planning more shooting attacks in Jerusalem.
Rosenfeld discusses the cooperation between Israeli and European security agencies, particularly in the fields of explosives and forensics. Israeli agencies travel to Europe to train security agencies in how to deal with large scale incidents including terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
According to Rosenfeld, despite the rise of attacks recently, thenotion of a third Intifada of a similar scale to those witnessed in1987 and 1996 seems unlikely.
Rosenfeld attributes the decline in the number of attacks since 2004 as due to extra patrols and the security fence.
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