Safari surprise: A Tapir is born

Ramat Gan Safari Park celebrates birth of Papaya, the newest addition to its collection of the endangered South American hog-like species.

Tapir animal 311 (photo credit: Tibor Yeger )
Tapir animal 311
(photo credit: Tibor Yeger )
Excitement spread throughout Ramat Gan's Safari Park two weeks ago when a new addition named Papaya came on the scene.
Papaya, a South American Tapir, was the first to be born at the park since her mother Pasiflora was born there six years ago.
Staff at the Safari Park were especially excited because South American Tapirs are an endangered species.
The birth of a new Tapir is also interesting because of the fact that the pup's appearance is significantly different from the appearance of the adults.
Adults are dark brown in color and have a large, round body, whereas baby Tapirs have blond streaks throughout their body.