An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man is seen exiting an IDF recruiting office in Jerusalem, June 25, 2024

High Court unanimously rules against exemption for haredim in IDF

Likud: Peculiar that the High Court is forcing ultra-Orthodox conscription • Ruling also calls to freeze funding of yeshivas who do not comply
 IDF SOLDIERS stand on top of a tank near the Israel-Gaza border, this week. Among the many disingenuous and ahistorical narratives, says the writer, is that Israel has done enough harm to Hamas, and should allow it to perhaps even remain in power in Gaza.

'Middle East preparing for war': Arab states anticipate coming escalation

 Fires rage in the North of Israel due to Hezbollah rocket fire, May 10, 2024.

Israel launching attack on Hezbollah is 'collective suicide,' retired IDF general says

  IDF troops operate in the Gaza Strip. June 24, 2024.

'Local rebellion': Gazans attempt to stop Hamas from firing at Israel - IDF source

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