In-Dependent is the fruitful result of collaboration between choreographer Dafi Eltabeb and artist Nini Moshe. The work’s original soundtrack was created by Belgian musician Niko Hafkenscheid. The result, a mesmerizing, deceivingly simple work with a touch of artistic naiveté is performed by three seasoned dancers: Olivia Court-Mesa, Alon Karniel and Yochai Ginton.

From the first moment, the three performers, each with a distinct personality and varied artistic background, clicked as an ensemble. Perhaps it was the easygoing way in which they maintained eye contact and didn’t hold back smiles – a rarity on our dance stages – which established the comradeship and trust they would need for the physical risks they took later.

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Dressed in pedestrian clothing, using their bodies functionally, efficiently, with no frills, focusing their attention on the intense and intricate emotional interplay, alliances among the dancers formed and disintegrated in a split second, only to pop up again in a different form, with a different energy and in a different context.

Most of the time the dancers maintained physical contact as they wove their way through fluid, complex compositions, always keeping an eye on both other partners.

It was a pleasure to see the group staying so intensely involved and sensitive to each other’s moods, breathing together, taking energy from each other and giving back even more. The dance is a testament to the maturity of Eltabeb’s choreographic skill.

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