07.02.2016 | 26 Sivan, 5776

Privacy Policy
  • 1. Privacy: In order to protect Your Privacy, The Jerusalem Post has set up this extensive Privacy Policy. When You use Services, certain information is retained at The Jerusalem Post's servers, as well as at 3rd Parties. Such information may be stored in databases, conveyed to 3rd parties or used to provide You with better Service, all according to the following policy:
    You are not obligated under law to provide your information, but without providing your information, The Jerusalem Post may not be able to provide you with the services. The information you provide shall be used to provide you with the Jerusalem Post's services, as you requested through the Terms of Service, and to send you periodic updates according to this Privacy Policy.

  • 1.1What Information is stored? The Jerusalem Post retains certain information you provide it when you browse its Services, as well as information tracked using automated means.

  • 1.1.1Information You Provide Directly: The Jerusalem Post retains the following information when you register to its services, and may request, from time to time, additional information:

  • The Jerusalem Post retains the following information when You post any Contribution or comment through Service: Your Name , Email address and Country.

  • Service: The Jerusalem Post retains the following information when You sign up to The Jerusalem Post Premium Service: Your Full Name, Your Email address, Your Password for the Service, Your Title, Your Date of Birth, Your Residence, Your Phone Number, Your Social Security Number or ID Number, Your Credit Card and Payment Information.

  • The Jerusalem Post retains the following information when You sign up to The Jerusalem Post's newsletter: Your Name, Email address, Gender, Date of Birth, Country, State, Family Status, Income, Education, Religious Affiliation and Fields of Interest

  • 1.1.2Information You Provide Indirectly: The Jerusalem Post may retain and store information you provide when browsing Services such as Your IP address, Your browser and operating system, Your session number, Your geolocation and other browsing information.

  • 1.2Who Has Access to the Information? Selected 3rd Parties who provide The Jerusalem Post with services have a unique access to specific information required in order to provide such services, and The Jerusalem Post may convey information to such parties in order to provide You with Service. For example, The Jerusalem Post may use 3rd parties to send its Newsletter, display videos or other content and/or provide You with advertisements.

  • 1.3How is the information collected? Information is collected in two distinct ways, when You browse the site, a cookie is placed in Your browser; a cookie is a small text file which may allow The Jerusalem Post to identify You personally and provide You with Services; You also provide, when using Services, some information about Yourself to The Jerusalem Post. Finally, the Jerusalem Post, either by itself or through 3rd parties, may collect Your browsing habits and browsing data.

  • 1.4How is the information processed? The information You provide with The Jerusalem Post shall be processed by it and by selected 3rd parties in order to provide You with the Services You requested (such as The Jerusalem Post's Newsletter), moreover, The Jerusalem Post may process Your information in order to include you in specific user groups or tiers and to provide you with personal solicitations.

  • 1.53rd Party Services: In order to provide You with Services and to better understand what You and other users engage in Services, The Jerusalem Post retains and uses 3rd party services, such as Google, Facebook, CrazyEgg, Wibiya, DoubleClick and Conduit. Each of these services has a unique and distinct privacy policy which You should read and inspect prior to using Services.

  • 1.6What uses are made with the information? The Jerusalem Post uses the information You provided in order to provide You with Services. Moreover, in specific Services, Your Information is used in the following way:

    1. 1.6.1Premium: When You register to The Jerusalem Post's Premium Service, The Jerusalem Post shall process Your credit card and retain it for that period and send you communications from time to time.

    2. 1.6.2Newsletter: When You register to The Jerusalem Post's Newsletter, The Jerusalem Post shall send you, from time to time, personal or tiered solicitations and use Your information for direct marketing.

    3. 1.7Can You Review, Amend or Remove Information? Yes, You may contact the Jerusalem Post at any time in regards to Your Personal Information, and after You provided the Jerusalem Post with sufficient evidence that You are the data-subject of the information, receive the option to either remove all Your personal information from The Jerusalem Post's Servers or Amend it. Please note that such removal or amendment may be a costly process, depending on the amount of personal information retained, and that The Jerusalem Post may charge fees for such service.