Those who associated percussion merely with forceful drumming were in for a surprise in the Tremolo Ensemble’s performance, conducted by Tomer Yariv: extremely delicate bell-like sounds, right at the beginning.

The diversity of percussion instruments produces an enormously rich variety of tone colors, ranging from almost deafening drumming to a nearly inaudible, breath-like pianissimo. Mostly asymmetric, intricate rhythms were performed with split-second coherence and discipline.

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Repetitive rhythms had an almost hypnotic effect.

Rhythm, though, was not everything. The melodic element of percussion was contributed by the marimba with breathtakingly subtle tone colors and nuances.

Particularly tremendous energies were released by lady percussionist Karen Teperberg, who rendered an excitingly virtuoso performance.

So did the other soloists, too many to be commented on here in detail. They accomplished an extraordinarily impressive artistic achievement.

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