A Muslim group in Egypt is urging the country to ban the Paramount Pictures epic depicting the biblical story of Noah and his ark, Al Arabiya reported on Thursday.

Egypt-based Al-Azhar published a statement Thursday, with the title “Al-Azhar prohibits the screening of a film that characterizes Noah.”
“Al-Azhar renews its rejection to the screening of any productions that characterizes Allah’s prophets and messengers and the companions of the Prophet [Mohammad],” Al Arabiya quoted the statement as saying.
The statement also says that Islamic law clearly prohibits the personification of biblical figures and the film, which is set to be released March 28, is a violation of the Islamic Sharia and "contrary to faith."

“Therefore, al-Azhar announces the prohibition of the upcoming film about the Allah’s messenger Noah - peace be upon him,” the statement also said.
Directed by Black Swan creator Darren Aronofsky and starring Oscar winner Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson, according to Al Arabiya, the feature film has been criticized by many Muslim figures.

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